Guys abam nak kenalkan @Arzlean .. Ini fighter program #FitRaya#TeamKaptBlack yg jd winner kategori ladies.. Masa season #Scouts9 dia ni la champion keseluruhan.. Congrats sistur! 👏🏻
Kiranya berjaya la dak Leen ni dpt #BodyRaya yg diidamkan.. In almost 8 years,ni berat dia yg plg ringan katenye wehh 😱..
Dalam #WeightLossJourney dia ni, she had lost from 72kg to 57.9kg. It’s about 14.1kg / 19.58% dr total body weight dia in almost 4 months.. 🌹
Ladiessss, if you’re single, InsyaAllah this program could get u a husband real quick 😂
Proud of u sis & plis don’t stop fighting.. 💪🏻

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